Barbara Sisk (née Hart)
Journalist / Media Professional

News / Magazine

One of my favorite things as a journalist is the opportunity to interview people on a diverse set of topics. Whether it’s a feature story or business related topic, if you’ve done a good job listening and you convey the story or information in a way that shows your source you truly got it, then there is a sense of genuine appreciation. Often times the people you interviewed are really surprised because they see a fine thread of details that perhaps they thought would be lost and are happy to see it in print.

As a journalist I have written for major newspapers, magazines and websites. I have found that by listening and asking the right questions you are in the best position to use your words to paint the most accurate picture. Let me tell your story!

Hospitality / Travel

The hospitality industry never gets boring and there is ample to communicate when writing about what your business has to offer. But when there is so much competition in this multi-billion dollar business, trying to differentiate your hotel or hospitality related business from any other can be a bit challenging. When writing about the hotel industry or other related services, the key for me is to find the nuances and the things that set your business apart. Whether it’s locally grown produce served in the onsite restaurant, out of the way local sites to explore or special trinkets and offers for children, the real value is often conveyed in the details.

As a copywriter for a major global hotel industry, I enjoyed finding out what made each hotel in their respective location special and conveying the essence of that hotel to the consumer. By focusing on all the intrinsic qualities that set your brand apart I give it maximum impact.

Health Care

It’s difficult to associate the business of healthcare to the world of social media and the evolving digital landscape in general. After all, health care is a serious business. It’s an industry that literally does engage in life and death situations and there is no room for error. Healthcare is also an industry that has been struggling with even larger issues such as health care reform with more changes yet to come.

In this complex environment communication is more important than ever. As a health care writer I have written communications for internal employee audiences addressing health care changes for Children’s Health, formerly known as Children’s Medical Center. I’ve written and curated monthly content and developed strategy for a major Dallas based hospital chain’s new telemedicine mobile app, and I have worked with prominent physicians’ group websites to create engaging and interactive content.

Creating clear and concise communications that convey the spirit of your healthcare brand is “my brand.” I bring clarity and vision to assist you and your audiences navigate through the complex healthcare environment.